If you do not have a *nix based operating system, you will not be able to run this software.

However, we can host your Football Squares online for you! Just go to SuperbowlSquares.org to find out how.


Graver's Football Squares

(Demo the Software) || (Download Latest Release: 1.3)(updated Jan. 2006)

Graver Football Squares 1.3  (Released Jan. 16, 2006)

(c) 2006 by Don Graver, dg@dgraver.com

For the latest, see http://www.dgraver.com/projects/squares


This README contains:


 This script was created so multiple people could enjoy Football Squares
 during the Superbowl, or any other major game that may be going on.  
I've been using it for the last few years, and thought I would release it 
for everyone else to enjoy.  If you use it, please provide a link back to 
the 'Squares' homepage so others know where you got it from.  You will
 probably need to know some Perl, as well as standard Unix commands.

I just ask that you leave the "powered by" link at the bottom of your pages.

Requires Perl 5.004 or later.


This script is released under GPL, and is not allowed to be sold or 
modified for profit.  Use of this script is at your own risk, and I am 
not responsible for any issues that may result.

1.  Untar the package to a web accessible directory
2.  Create a new squares file, or use the existing one that came with the tarball (sample.txt)
3.  Change permissions to 777 (or appropriate so that webserver can write to it) on the 'logs' directory, the file that you are going to use to store square information (from Step 2), and whatever file will store the square numbers (ex. logs/superfile_file_numbers.txt)
4.  Change permissions to 755 on superbowl.pl, superbowl.conf, and admin.pl
5.  Edit superbowl.conf to match your preferences.  Be sure that you specify the name of the .txt file that you created in step 2, and the file where your numbers will be stored.
6.  Point your web browser to 'superbowl.pl'.
7.  Everything should work from there...if not, email me at 'dg@dgraver.com'.

There are two things you can do as of 1.3 release as an admin (point your web browser to the admin.pl file)
1.  Generate the numbers randomly instead of updating the superbowl.conf file manually.
2.  Clear the numbers instead of updating the superbowl.conf file manually.
2.  Create a sort of overview of how many squares each user has picked and also list all the emails
None as of now...but let me know if you find any or have an upgrade request.

Please send me any questions you may have about the script.

Rev 1.0  Initial release

Rev 1.1
Problem with $header in superbowl.conf fixed.

Rev 1.2
Modified superbowl.pl to make sure the user's name does not contain a colon (:), which is used as the separator for the main text file
Added sort_grid.pl so that grid information can be summarized
Added admin.pl so that numbers can be generated randomly by the admin, or cleared.
Added ability to choose whether or not to image as the numbers instead of just text
Added ability to choose whether to display a number for each square (some people requested this as a feature)

Rev 1.3
Modified superbowl.pl to have a show_table subroutine
Added superbowl.css file for more control over look and feel
Don Graver
Last modified: Thu Jan 16 12:13:20 EST 2006

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